Friday, November 8, 2019

November Wish

November being one of the darkest month of the year, my wish could have been for light in one's heart, for example. I decided instead to not wish for something but to be grateful for something.


I don't mention enough how important good friends are.
Good friends offer support and help you evolve and grow. And vice versa.

This November I want to be grateful for the many wonderful friends I have.
Some of them I've known almost all of my life, others I met just recently.
All of them are important and helped me become who I am today :-)

Friday, November 1, 2019

Winter Is Here

There are sure signs that indicate that winter has arrived. No, I don't mean the obvious ones like colder and shorter days, Christmas decorations in the shops, (almost) naked trees, etc.
No, I, for instance, get that winter is here when

a) my flute teacher is taking out the Christmas music sheets and when

b) the car windows are steaming up as soon as I enter a warm building (like a parking garage) (I hate it!!)

Winter is here, my dears, and Christmas is less than 2 months away.
Oh my.