Friday, November 30, 2018

Christmas Shopping Frenzy Has Begun

A couple of days before leaving for my Andalusia road trip (I will soon share some photos and my impressions! Let me just say that it was amazing!), I had to buy a new suitcase (I buried my old one after 15 years of loyal services hahaha). While shopping for a bag I realized that ... we were back to the "every year the same story" Christmas shopping frenzy.
I don't know why, year after year, we seem to get more and more ... how should I put it? ... obsessed? And, year after year, it feels like the shopping frenzy starts earlier (I'm probably wrong on that one! But so it feels to me.).

Well, I bought my suitcase and was happy to not be part of the "Christmas shopping in November frenzy crowd" because, you know, I actually like Christmas. Just not the whole shopping experience...

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The (Unexpected) Audience

I was practicing the flute on Sunday … yes, I'm still playing the flute! I went through a period of "I want to throw this thing out of my window" but I somehow found the courage and the joy to continue. You should hear me these days … I am doing really well and with so much gusto … who would have thought? I am surely glad that I kept on practicing even though I (very strongly) felt like calling it quits.
Where was I? Right. Me practicing this Sunday. Suddenly I noticed a movement on my balcony. I had an audience. A dove (not the grey ones you see all around the city but the white/grey ones … I think the correct word is turtle dove). A cute little thing that has been my neighbor since spring. I woke to her "gru gru" sounds for the last couple of months (I love it!) and today she seemed to enjoy my playing. She turned her little head and looked at me with her little black eyes (through the windows).
My first audience … I felt honored!

Friday, November 9, 2018

November Wish

What to wish for November? The word "sturdy" came to mind.
This is how I feel and how I wish for you to feel. Sturdy.
Your feet on the ground, your head in the air.
Strong and confident and resilient.
Because November can be tough on people. The days are shorter, the weather harsher and some already think of (and fear) the Christmas frenzy that lies ahead.
Keep calm and love life.
2018 is almost over and, although I already had an inspiring idea for my 2019, let's, for the time being, not talk about the future. Let's just make the best of the 7 remaining weeks of 2018.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

A Cure To My Itchy Feet

Last winter I decided not to renew my membership to my gym and I decided to no longer attend my line dance classes. I was left with my weekly yoga class and a question: what now?
Even though I am not a very athletic person, somehow, my weekly yoga class seemed not enough.
None of my ideas (or those of my friends) was inspiring. All the pondering though made me realize that I wanted to spend more time outdoors. So I thought: why not hike or walk once a week, let's say between 1 - 3 hours?
Yes, actually, why not.
I started walking or hiking once a week (I work part-time - makes it easier) and surprise, surprise (sometimes I surprise myself hahaha), I'm still going strong! I not once skipped my weekly walk or hike and most of the time it was more 3 hours instead of 1 (even during hot summer days! imagine!!). I sometimes walk alone, sometimes with friends. It's always great.

I love to be on the move. I not only discovered new places but also something about myself. My weekly walks made me feel happy and alive (like I usually feel while traveling). I still went on some nice trips to France, the US or to Lago Maggiore but the time in between my trips felt shorter.
Itchy feet are part of who I am. It helps to make them a bit less itchy by simply moving.
In the truest sense of the word.
Walking and hiking does me good. Seeing new places, abroad or not, does me good. So, I keep on moving!