Thursday, August 9, 2018

When Life Is Like Something Out Of A Painting

Summer is usually the time that I spend NOT traveling the world (last year was an exception with my Greek trip in August due to a wedding!). When the weather is nice and the days long (and the people away on some crowded beaches), I love to discover places not far away from home.
Therefore, these last couple of weeks, I walked around Lake Greifensee, Lake Türlersee, I went hiking in Andermatt with my brother and my nephews/nice and just this Monday, I spent my day on a boat trip on Lake Walensee.
That was when I took this picture...

... that made me say to my friend (who joined me on my boat trip) that sometimes I wish I could paint. Because this mood? Oh my, that would make a wonderful watercolor painting, don't you think?

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