Thursday, August 23, 2018

When Common Sense Has The Upper Hand

I don't believe in coincidences and I strongly believe in going with the flow (not in the sense of not having own views or opinions, meant more in the sense of serendipity).

So, last week, on an evening that I wasn't even supposed to be at home, I was watching a documentary on TV about Guatemala and thought "I need to add Guatemala to my travel bucket list". Just that thought. Nothing more.
But then, two days later, while hiking with a friend of mine, I was telling her about this amazing documentary about Guatemala I had seen on TV (she loves traveling even more than I do and our conversations tend to center around traveling), when she said: do you wanna go to Guatemala? Do you know that I have a 5 week vacation this winter (accumulated overtime) and I haven't decided yet what to do or where to go? We could go to Guatemala together, what do you think?

What did I think? Oh my, what a loaded question. My mind went on overdrive (too many so-called coincidences for my liking). We hiked on and talked about Guatemala (and a possible detour to Belize). We were both pretty hooked but at the same time unsure. I was unsure about the money issue. She was uncertain about where to go the remaining weeks (as I knew I'd be able to accompany her for only a bit more than 2 weeks).
We decided to take a night to sleep on it.

I slept on it and, to cut a long story short, I am not going to Guatemala in November.
I could list the many reasons why I didn't feel like traveling oversees (again) in November. The main reason though, besides the money issue mentioned above, is that I strongly feel that traveling should NEVER be like ticking destinations off a list.
It should be something special.
Something to look forward to.
Not just something you do because.

So, with a heavy heart, I ignored my credo of "I don't believe in coincidences and I stronlgy believe in going with the flow" and let my common sense have the upper hand (this time) (feeling proud and adult haha).
I'll go to Guatemala and Belize another time :-)

Sunday, August 12, 2018

9 Years of Solo Traveling

I went on my first solo trip in 2009 ... 9 years ago. My first 3 and a half weeks by myself kind of trip. Up until then I had only experienced some long weekends by myself (Amsterdam and New York).

Long weekends, in my opinion, are a good way to start your solo travel experience. It's easy to do: you book a flight, a hotel room, and you spend your days doing touristy stuff (keeping busy being the main thing). Well, you may find the whole having meals by yourself thing difficult or struggle with having to decide on everything anytime but on the other hand, you'll also know that you'll be back home in a couple of days, if you don't like the experience. (And if you like the experience, it will open up a whole new travel dimension for you!)

I, for instance, realized by 2009 that I was ready for the "real" thing. None of my friends had time to travel to the US at that time of the year and I decided that the alternative, staying at home, was (and still is) a definite no go for me (haha).
Therefore, in November 2009 I bought a plane ticket to Washington, DC and there I went, traveling solo for more than 3 weeks for the first time. Even though many things went so completely (and hilariously) wrong (hey, I was new at this … I had a right to mistakes haha), so much else was so nice and so cool that I knew right away it wouldn't be my last solo trip.

To honor (and to remember) my 9 years of solo traveling, I decided on creating a photo book of the best pictures I've taken these last 9 years. I usually do photo books of every trip but this one is gonna be different, more classy, more like a coffee-table book. I have started on the pictures (sooo many of them!) and will have to decide on the kind of book later on. It's gonna be an exciting journey :-)

Thursday, August 9, 2018

When Life Is Like Something Out Of A Painting

Summer is usually the time that I spend NOT traveling the world (last year was an exception with my Greek trip in August due to a wedding!). When the weather is nice and the days long (and the people away on some crowded beaches), I love to discover places not far away from home.
Therefore, these last couple of weeks, I walked around Lake Greifensee, Lake Türlersee, I went hiking in Andermatt with my brother and my nephews/nice and just this Monday, I spent my day on a boat trip on Lake Walensee.
That was when I took this picture...

... that made me say to my friend (who joined me on my boat trip) that sometimes I wish I could paint. Because this mood? Oh my, that would make a wonderful watercolor painting, don't you think?

Thursday, August 2, 2018

August Wish

August ist one of my favorit month ... especially the weeks when everybody (and I mean everybody, like people in the neighborhood, in the city, etc.) is away on vacation (somewhere on a crowded beach, I guess). I love it! And when, like this year, summer is sunny and hot ... I'm in heaven.

Happy Summer to everybody! Deconnect, recharge, rest, let your mind wander, meditate, do yoga or whatever makes you happy.
Yes, do something that makes you happy!