Saturday, July 28, 2018

Remembering Driving from Mesa Verde to Monument Valley

I left Mesa Verde thinking that I somehow had reached the culmination of my trip. I was looking forward to see Monument Valley, obviously, but I thought that it couldn't get better that what I had experienced the day before.
Well, not 10 minutes into my drive west to Monument Valley, I found out that I was wrong.
Thoroughly wrong.
Mesa Verde was magic but what I saw around me felt … majestic. I had arrived in the West one reads about or sees pictures of. But seeing "it" with my own eyes? Just … stunning. Breathtaking. Amazing. Dizzying. Well, let's stop with the adjectives. Look at these pictures? Am I right or am I right?

Ute Reservation

Just a couple of miles before Mexican Hat (the town I spent my nights in) I decided on a detour: Gooseneck State Park.

Majestic was the word I mentioned, right?

The town Mexican Hat was named after this rock that … looks like a Mexican Hat (?? but hey I never said to be a visual person haha)
I called Mexican Hat a "town" but it actually was more a couple of houses along US163. Some hotels, a gas station (with little shop), the San Juan River flowing lazily (I slept at the San Juan Inn which offered a nice view of the river) - heat, dust and red soil all over. I had arrived in Navajo Land. I loved it!

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