Wednesday, July 11, 2018

July Wish

I did a lot of breathing this last June. Oh my. I did! And it helped.

In July though, or so it seems to me, taking deep breaths is not enough any longer. Stuff is happening and not all of it is good. And the not so good stuff doesn't go away! No, it sticks tenaciously... at least until you take a closer look.

That's what happened to me (I won't bore you with details) and I tried the whole looking away thing. Didn't work. At all.
Then, on a hunch (ah, what would I do without my hunches??) I decided to take a real close look at what was happening. I obviously didn't like what I saw but I looked anyway. I realized it wasn't about the situation I was fretting about but rather about a single person within the situation. I realized I needed to come clear.
My first impulse had been to tell the person straight away what I felt needed to be said. I kept silent though. And slept on it for a night. Only then did I open my mouth. Oh my, how smooth it went. The right words. The right way. And together with this person we found the perfect solution.
I feel better. Freed. And am glad that I took this closer look. Without it, I'd still be fretting about something that wasn't even at the heart of the problem.

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