Sunday, June 17, 2018

White Sands National Monument

I had seen pictures of the White Sands Monument on Instagram and ever since, I wanted to see for myself. While planning my upcoming trip to the Southwest, I realized that the place was just not "on the way" of all the other sites I wanted to visit. But then, I thought, what the heck, who knew when I'd be back to New Mexico?
So, I picked up my rental car at the Santa Fe's airport and drove 4 hours south to the White Sands Monument. Visited for a couple of hours (the park is open until 9 pm!) and the next day I drove back north again, all the way to Taos.
A lot of road to deal with but it was so totally worth the effort. A magical place. What do you think?
The sky may look cloudy and it was cloudy (it rained the next day and everybody here was so happy about the rain because they had some wildfires all around New Mexico and Colorado and the rain helped put them out!) but wandering around the dunes felt like being in an oven hahahaha
Nevertheless, the clouds were the perfect background for my pictures … for the time being I'll stick just to a few of them. You'll see more once I'm back in Europe!

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