Sunday, June 10, 2018

Welcome to Denver, Colorado

I've made it to Denver, Colorado. Our flight was 2 hours late due to a heavy thunderstorm just when we were about to take off. So, we had to wait in the airplane … for the rain to stop :-) On the other hand, nobody was sitting besides me (so I had two seats for myself … yeah!), immigration was super easy and I made it to the hotel before midnight!

Rain, I found out already, is not a word often used here during summer time. Believe me. It's hot in Denver. Like hot hot. 36 °C plus a really nice hot wind. Oh my, I love hot weather but it was too much even for me. Therefore, I stuck to the museums (you know, air conditioning SMILE) (and luckily Denver has some really amazing museums!) and when I was outside, I walked from shade to shade. hahaha Luckily, Denver downtown has lots of trees :-)
I love it here. It's easy going and not overcrowded.

The biggest surprise though were … the snowy mountain tops in the distance. Amazing and it reminded me of the fact that people come here to ski!

I loved the cute details all around downtown

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