Monday, June 11, 2018

Made It To Albuquerque, New Mexico

Welcome to New Mexico! I will tell  you more about Albuquerque but today I wanted to share something else actually. Something I was thinking about today, while sitting in the plane to Albuquerque.

While I tell you my impressions of the places I visit, the highs and lows, the cool stuff and the not so cool stuff, I rarely mention what I call the in between times.
The boring times.
The not so sexy times.
The time spent … going from the airport to the hotel. The time spent packing and unpacking. The time spent waiting. Oh my. The time spent waiting! Never ending! Waiting in line to check in. Waiting in line to airport security checks. Waiting for the plane to take off. Waiting for your bags. Etc. Etc.
Not sexy at all.
But so very much and such a very big part of traveling.
Luckily these not so sexy times are always followed by very exciting times … like when you arrive in a new place and you got to discover everything :-) Makes me forget the in between times immediately.

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