Sunday, June 3, 2018

It's Almost Time to Hit the Road Again

Oh my. Time flew by. May flew by. I have been pretty busy organizing my upcoming trip to the States … and … honestly speaking … May has been kind of a strange month. I could almost feel the energy in the air. Like electricity. It was exhausting. Some of my friends were having a not so good of a time either … one fell off her bike and broke her arm. The other is still looking for a job. Then this and then that. Some bad news, some good news. Exciting and exhausting at the same time.
But now May is over and I am looking forward to some new energy. Starting with my upcoming trip to the US of A.
I am giddy with excitement and my pre-travel modus operandi set in … as always! These days, I wake up in the middle of the night, mentally rechecking everything. Oh my. Lots and lots of thoughts and as I tend to get a bit anxious, I try to be in the moment and breathe. Breathing helps a lot!

Well, let's stop babbling about my mood and start talking about this upcoming trip to the Southwestern part of America.
I will visit:
Santa Fe
White Sands National Monument
Taos / Taos Pueblo
Mesa Verde National Park
Monument Valley
and from there back to Santa Fe and then back to Denver and then back home.

I will travel by plane, train and a rented car. I plan on walking a lot as well. Ah, and for the Monument Valley I decided on guided tours.

I will keep you updated (I'll take my computer) and share some photos.
For the time being though, I still have some days at the office and some stuff to take care of before I'll take the plane to Denver!

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