Thursday, June 14, 2018

Albuquerque - Santa Fe ... By Train

While planning my trip to the Southwest of the US, I wanted to do at least one part of my route by train because I love train rides! Luckily, I found the "New Mexico Rail Runner Express" that runs from Albuquerque to Santa Fe (and back, obviously).
I was looking forward to sit on a train, to enjoy the New Mexico landscape and to just let my thoughts wander.
Oh well, let's just say that I indeed sat in a train, that I indeed enjoyed the New Mexico landscape but as for the "letting my thoughts wander"?
Not so much.
How could I have known that this particular train ride is quite the thing to do for the elderly people of Albuquerque? They are doing day trips to Santa Fe and as people that are older as 62 don't have to pay for their tickets … oh my, let's say that the coach felt like being on a field trip! The guy sitting next to me, and I swear that this is the truth, didn't stop talking for a minute. Not one minute. He told us about his jobs, his life, his feelings, etc. etc. etc.
So, you know, the thing about letting my thoughts wander??
I had to hear them first, my thoughts, I mean (SMILE)
(Visualize the scene: me and a coach full of chatty and excited senior citizens! Really, you can't make that stuff up. Real life is always better!)

I didn't mind the noise and their excitement! Just imagine. Some of them had NEVER EVER ridden on a train. So, I understood their excitement and was happy to be part of it!

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