Friday, June 29, 2018

I've Missed My Yoga Practice

It was so good to resume my yoga lessons :-)

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Tired But Happy

I am back to good old Europe. Oh my. What a trip this has been. My brain and heart are full of impressions! I am tired (and jetlagged) and happy. Happy about everything I have experienced and everything I have seen.

I will share some pictures and more info about every place I have visited these next few days. 

As you know, I had organized every detail of this trip by myself and in advance. I knew when I'd be where. Honestly though, I was a bit afraid that I had kind of overorganized everything but ... no ... I had been right. The time spent organizing everything before my departure, freed time during my trip.

Because the trip has been intense.
I not only visited many cities/towns and places but I also
- took the plane twice,
- the train once,
- many taxis and Ubers from and to the airports and trains station and
- drove my car for many miles (the guy at the rental car desk, at my return, was surprised about my car's mileage and wanted to know where I had been ... I answered: you sure you wanna know? Let's just say that I left Monument Valley in Utah this morning. At that, he raised his eyebrows and said nothing more haha).

And BTW, I really picked the right places. As if I had know my desires and needs in advance.
I picked the hotel with laundry facilities when I needed to do laundry.
Or the one with afternoon tea and a nice pation when I needed an afternoon break to relax and read.
Or another with a close-by restaurant when I didn't feel like going out for dinner.

I don't know if next time I'll do the same. This time though, it was the perfect thing to do!

Sunday, June 24, 2018

It's Almost Time to Say Bye

I know. I know. I haven't been updating this page. Oh my. But this last week has been overwhelming. And I am … tired. A good way tired, mind you, but tired anyway. My heart and my mind are full of impressions.
It has been amazing. This whole trip has been a crescendo of good things happening. I spent my days traveling from A to B or visiting amazing places and in the evenings I was sooo tired that I wasn't able to put my feeling into words..
I will have time once I'm back home. You'll get the details and many pictures, I promise. For the time being I am in Denver again (tomorrow is my last day). Where everything started, so to speak. It was nice to end this trip being in a place that feels familiar (like - I know where to have breakfast, where to have dinner, where the museums are, how to get to the airport etc.). My tired brain can't take more exploring (hahaha).

I can't wait to be back to share two pictures with you though. These were the two top places of my last week:

Mesa Verde (1000 year old houses in the rocks)

 and Monument Valley

Monday, June 18, 2018

Taos Pueblo

What a magic place! It has been inhabited since … well, at least since the Spanish arrived … but the Natives say that this place has been theirs since the beginning of time. I love this idea :-)

Sunday, June 17, 2018

White Sands National Monument

I had seen pictures of the White Sands Monument on Instagram and ever since, I wanted to see for myself. While planning my upcoming trip to the Southwest, I realized that the place was just not "on the way" of all the other sites I wanted to visit. But then, I thought, what the heck, who knew when I'd be back to New Mexico?
So, I picked up my rental car at the Santa Fe's airport and drove 4 hours south to the White Sands Monument. Visited for a couple of hours (the park is open until 9 pm!) and the next day I drove back north again, all the way to Taos.
A lot of road to deal with but it was so totally worth the effort. A magical place. What do you think?
The sky may look cloudy and it was cloudy (it rained the next day and everybody here was so happy about the rain because they had some wildfires all around New Mexico and Colorado and the rain helped put them out!) but wandering around the dunes felt like being in an oven hahahaha
Nevertheless, the clouds were the perfect background for my pictures … for the time being I'll stick just to a few of them. You'll see more once I'm back in Europe!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Santa Fe: Some Pictures

Santa Fe is a cute little town :-)

Albuquerque - Santa Fe ... By Train

While planning my trip to the Southwest of the US, I wanted to do at least one part of my route by train because I love train rides! Luckily, I found the "New Mexico Rail Runner Express" that runs from Albuquerque to Santa Fe (and back, obviously).
I was looking forward to sit on a train, to enjoy the New Mexico landscape and to just let my thoughts wander.
Oh well, let's just say that I indeed sat in a train, that I indeed enjoyed the New Mexico landscape but as for the "letting my thoughts wander"?
Not so much.
How could I have known that this particular train ride is quite the thing to do for the elderly people of Albuquerque? They are doing day trips to Santa Fe and as people that are older as 62 don't have to pay for their tickets … oh my, let's say that the coach felt like being on a field trip! The guy sitting next to me, and I swear that this is the truth, didn't stop talking for a minute. Not one minute. He told us about his jobs, his life, his feelings, etc. etc. etc.
So, you know, the thing about letting my thoughts wander??
I had to hear them first, my thoughts, I mean (SMILE)
(Visualize the scene: me and a coach full of chatty and excited senior citizens! Really, you can't make that stuff up. Real life is always better!)

I didn't mind the noise and their excitement! Just imagine. Some of them had NEVER EVER ridden on a train. So, I understood their excitement and was happy to be part of it!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Albuquerque: Some Pictures

I had an easy day in Albuquerque. It's so hot and the air is so dry (only 30% humidity!!) but I love the blue sky and the colors of the houses. I love how, with the green of the trees and the cactuses, it feels like being in a painting. Gotta love it, right? What do you think? Am I wrong?

Monday, June 11, 2018

Made It To Albuquerque, New Mexico

Welcome to New Mexico! I will tell  you more about Albuquerque but today I wanted to share something else actually. Something I was thinking about today, while sitting in the plane to Albuquerque.

While I tell you my impressions of the places I visit, the highs and lows, the cool stuff and the not so cool stuff, I rarely mention what I call the in between times.
The boring times.
The not so sexy times.
The time spent … going from the airport to the hotel. The time spent packing and unpacking. The time spent waiting. Oh my. The time spent waiting! Never ending! Waiting in line to check in. Waiting in line to airport security checks. Waiting for the plane to take off. Waiting for your bags. Etc. Etc.
Not sexy at all.
But so very much and such a very big part of traveling.
Luckily these not so sexy times are always followed by very exciting times … like when you arrive in a new place and you got to discover everything :-) Makes me forget the in between times immediately.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Welcome to Denver, Colorado

I've made it to Denver, Colorado. Our flight was 2 hours late due to a heavy thunderstorm just when we were about to take off. So, we had to wait in the airplane … for the rain to stop :-) On the other hand, nobody was sitting besides me (so I had two seats for myself … yeah!), immigration was super easy and I made it to the hotel before midnight!

Rain, I found out already, is not a word often used here during summer time. Believe me. It's hot in Denver. Like hot hot. 36 °C plus a really nice hot wind. Oh my, I love hot weather but it was too much even for me. Therefore, I stuck to the museums (you know, air conditioning SMILE) (and luckily Denver has some really amazing museums!) and when I was outside, I walked from shade to shade. hahaha Luckily, Denver downtown has lots of trees :-)
I love it here. It's easy going and not overcrowded.

The biggest surprise though were … the snowy mountain tops in the distance. Amazing and it reminded me of the fact that people come here to ski!

I loved the cute details all around downtown

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Almost On The Road Again

I had never thought of traveling this way ... but Pavese is right!


Wednesday, June 6, 2018

June Wish

I have just realized that I have been very lazy (post writing wise) this last month of May. Well, as I mentioned in my latest post, May has been a strange month for me. I had wished for abundance and abundance I received ... just to find out that abundance sometimes can be a bit overwhelming.
Therefore, I have chosen "BREATHE" as my June wish.
When situations become overwhelming, it helps to ... just breathe. I found out. When you breathe, you are IN THE MOMENT and in the moment nothing can overwhelm you.
So, let's take deep breaths and be in the moment this current month!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

It's Almost Time to Hit the Road Again

Oh my. Time flew by. May flew by. I have been pretty busy organizing my upcoming trip to the States … and … honestly speaking … May has been kind of a strange month. I could almost feel the energy in the air. Like electricity. It was exhausting. Some of my friends were having a not so good of a time either … one fell off her bike and broke her arm. The other is still looking for a job. Then this and then that. Some bad news, some good news. Exciting and exhausting at the same time.
But now May is over and I am looking forward to some new energy. Starting with my upcoming trip to the US of A.
I am giddy with excitement and my pre-travel modus operandi set in … as always! These days, I wake up in the middle of the night, mentally rechecking everything. Oh my. Lots and lots of thoughts and as I tend to get a bit anxious, I try to be in the moment and breathe. Breathing helps a lot!

Well, let's stop babbling about my mood and start talking about this upcoming trip to the Southwestern part of America.
I will visit:
Santa Fe
White Sands National Monument
Taos / Taos Pueblo
Mesa Verde National Park
Monument Valley
and from there back to Santa Fe and then back to Denver and then back home.

I will travel by plane, train and a rented car. I plan on walking a lot as well. Ah, and for the Monument Valley I decided on guided tours.

I will keep you updated (I'll take my computer) and share some photos.
For the time being though, I still have some days at the office and some stuff to take care of before I'll take the plane to Denver!