Saturday, May 19, 2018

Travel Plans

I have just realized that I have spent zero time writing these last two weeks. Well, I have been (mentally) busy planning, thinking, booking my new trip that will take place in June!
It's my annual "big" trip, you know, my once a year 2/3 weeks away kind of trip. Last year, I went to Costa Rica and Mexico City. Two years ago it was Washington DC and the Delmarva Peninsula.
This year it's gonna be America's (as in USA) Southwest. And this year as well, I have decided for the first time, to do all the booking by myself. Flight, car, hotels, etc. Usually, I plan and book part of my big trip with a travel agency but this year? I don't know. I felt like doing everything by myself.
It's time-consuming, I have to admit, and there are a lot (and I mean A LOT) of decisions to take. But it was also very exciting to do the research and to decide on every detail!
As soon as I will have put everything together, I'll let you in on my plans! It's gonna be ... oh my. I can't wait!

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