Saturday, May 5, 2018

Arcachon. Cap Ferret. Some Pictures

As always when visiting a place which touches my heart, taking pictures is difficult. Because feelings are so hard to put on picture :-) I tried anyway.

To start though I thought about adding this map that I found on Pinterest. It may help understand the geography of this special place. Arcachon is located on the Bay of Arcachon and only in Cap Ferret you get the access to the Atlantic Ocean. The Dune du Pilat is located a bit south. I chose not to take the bus to go there but to visit "from the water" ... hence the boat trip. I didn't want to wander the dune but to look at it from the sea.

Here some pictures for you but I suggest that you travel there and go see for yourself :-)

town of Arcachon

the lighthouse of Cap Ferret

Dune du Pilat seen from afar

we got nearer...

The southern tip of Cap Ferret

more Dune du Pilat

It's the biggest dune of Europe with its 110 meter. It grows wider every year and 1-5 meters of land are covered by (or lost to the sand) every year. 

Atlantic Ocean on the western side of Cap Ferret


Dune du Pilat from afar ... again

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