Saturday, April 28, 2018

Trip to the Southwest of France: Bordeaux

I have just spent a couple of (sunny!!) (and very hot!!) days in the southwestern region of France. This destination has been on my bucket list for quite some time but getting there was really complicated ... well, at least until recently. Now, we have a direct flight from Zurich and as soon as I read about this, I had to go! To be honest, I had planned on going to the Baltic Sea in March/April. But then our (long) winter happened and suddenly, when it was time to organize my trip, I craved the south more than the north. I know, I know, but I can't be someone I am not ... hahahaha

Well, anyway, remember this post?
The Gods of Travel have been with me one more time! I got a train back to Arcachon even though Tuesday was a major strike day. Lucky me!!
First things first though. I flew to Bordeaux and spent the first two days there. What a pleasant surprise! A cute little town, with a very nice boardwalk along the river Garonne. I liked the small streets (some of them closed to traffic!), the cute restaurants and bars, the shops, the friendly people. The sun was shining (always a plus!) and within the first couple of steps I found myself in a happy place!

Put it on your travel bucket list! It's totally worth the trip!

Place de la Bourse

So many cute little shops

Porte Dijeaux

Pont de Pierre

River Garonne and Pont de Pierre

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