Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Saying No

Yesterday evening, I was walking along the river Limmat, enjoying the setting sun and the sprouting trees (aren't they wonderful in springtime? I just love it!), when suddenly I hear someone call my name. It took me a bit to put a name to the face but then I remembered. A fellow student (back in the days!).

I had to smile because he was the fourth person from my past that I came across the last week. I didn't talk to the other three but him, I couldn't avoid (yes, I admit it. I avoided the three others!). We had a short talk, it was nice to meet him again and to catch up (at least a bit) but at one time I, kind of, got the impression that he would have liked to meet again and spend some time together, catching up more (hey, not in THAT sense, he is gay hahahaha).
I stood there and suddenly I knew for sure (like 100% sure) that no, I didn't want to meet him again. It was nice to have this short chat but spending more time together? No thanks. Not because I am pissed at him or because I don't like him. No. It's just, no. The past is the past. And as in April I am all about living in the moment (remember my post?)...

So, I was friendly but set: Hey, it was nice meeting you. Have a nice evening. Ciao. 
And there I went, pretty proud of myself. Proud because, you know, I have this ingrained way of handling situations like this. Deep down I know that I don't want to do this or that but then comes my, also ingrained, way of not wanting to hurt, to offend others and I usually end up doing things I don't really feel like doing. 
Not this time though. This may be the reason why I met all these people from my past this last week. Apparently, there was a lesson to learn. 

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