Thursday, April 12, 2018

Me, My Travels to France and Strikes

I am off to Bordeaux and Arcachon (that is in the southwestern part of France) next week. And guess what? SNCF's employees (France's national railroad company) are on strike.

(Not that I have anything against workers hitting the streets. On the contrary, my heart always beat and always will beat for the "underdogs". Always. I strongly believe in standing up to our rights. What I don't agree on though is when it's done at the expense of other workers, other underdogs. But then, what do I know? I don't want to judge. The right to strike is part of who we are.)

Anyway, the are on strike and I find it hilarious because I have been to France twice in the last 1,5 years and both times it was a close call, strike-wise. The first time I was in Marseille (traveling by train) when I found out that SNCF would be on strike ... the day after my departure.
The second time was last year in Nice. That time it was the airport's ground staff. Super close call because all flights before and five flights after mine were cancelled but NOT mine. I still see the monitor on my inner eye with all the red written CANCELLED on it. Was I lucky or was I not?

This time though I am taking the plane to Bordeaux (luckily not on Air France because those guys are on strike as well apparently). Then I planned on taking the train from Bordeaux to Arcachon. I could have rented a car but as I try to travel as eco-friendly as possible, I decided on taking the train.
Oh well.
It's gonna be an adventure. Apparently, on the days of the strike (2 days every 3 days or something like that) not all the trains are gonna be cancelled. I will have to check on their website the day before. The journey there won't be a problem (as of their website). The return journey more so.

Bienvenue to the world of traveling! SMILE
And as the Gods of Travel were with me the last two times, I hope they'll show up this time too :-)

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