Friday, March 23, 2018

Keep Going

Doesn't this picture perfectly show one of life's aspect? I think so.
(Note: Success, in my opinion, has nothing to do with having money, power, fame. I see it more as in "succeed in doing something that, just some time ago, was a simple idea". This can be related to "big" things like a job, a new way of life or smaller things like a new hobby.)

Today, though, it's not about success. It's about the part in between, the "do", "do again", "and again" and "keep doing".
Usually, when you hear someone talk about succeeding in whatever, you probably get to hear about the thinking part, the idea part, the trying part and, obviously, the success part. The doing part, at least in my observation, is usually just something you get a resumé of. A success story kind of implies that "it wasn't a big deal to get there".
Well, some part of me gets it because listening to the "do again and again and again and again" part (or talking about it) can be boring and unfunny. It's not what makes a great story great. The part of the journey where doubts, crying jags, frustration, mantras consisting of "I will never be able to do that" and more doubts are not what we want to hear. Too close to our own fears, right? We prefer the happy ending.

But please, let's be honest here (if not here, where else??). The "do again and again and again and again" part is the most trying and long part of everyone's life. The shitty part of everyone's journey. It's the part I tend to forget myself ... when I either finally succeed or when I give up because ... well, because.
I have learned that, sometimes, it's simply "the natural selection process". If I do not have the energy to "do", "do again", "and again" and "keep doing", then my idea was not worth it. I have learned to let go of ideas and to trust in the next one that's usually just around the corner.
Other times, I find the energy to go on.

It's like, right now, with my learning to play the flute. I thought I was finally on my way to the "success" part of my apprenticeship, but oh my, how wrong I was. Still way to go. wwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to go.
Luckily my love for music keeps me going ... even though, every other day or so, these days at least, I want to throw this piece of wood that is my flute out of my window

Have a nice weekend everybody!

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