Thursday, March 15, 2018

Guided Tour in Einsiedeln (Switzerland)

Last Saturday I tried something new: I organized a guided tour for a couple of my friends.
Usually, when I have an idea of some place I want to visit, I go there alone or ask one friend to accompany me. With this idea though, one friend wouldn't have been enough...

I had heard of this guided tour of the Einsiedeln monastery done by one of their monks. I had wanted to book up for such a tour for quite some time now but the problem was that the monks only do this for groups (of 15 or of 30). In addition, the tour has to be booked well in advance.
One day (I wonder why I hadn't thought of it earlier?) I knew exactly how I'd be able to go on such a guided tour. I'd organize a tour for friends and acquaintances who'd be interested in knowing more about the church of Einsiedeln and in visiting the library as well. Like many monasteries, Einsiedeln has quite an impressive library. It isn't open to the public though. You can visit only with a guide.
No sooner thought than done (to my amazement!), 12 people were thrilled and happy to come along with me.

We had a wonderful tour (it lasts about 90 minutes). Einsiedeln is a power place, the church is amazing in all its barock abundance (the pink stucco work is really breathtaking!). The monk's explanations were interesting and I could spend days in their library, discovering their treasures. I'd recommend it!

My friends were enthusiastic about the tour and some of them urged me to come up with new ideas. And you know what? Why not? Let's see what other ideas pop up :-)

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Moreno Biondi said...

Brava Simonetta,
mi sarebbe proprio piaciuto visitare il monastero di Einsielden con te come guida!!! Bella idea. Brava.
Buona giornata. Moreno