Thursday, March 1, 2018

Getting Lost in Copenhagen

I am normally pretty good at getting around new places. I have a good sense of direction, not to gloat or so, but I rarely get lost and if I do, I
a) never mind because I get to discover places I wouldn't have otherwise and
b) I always find my way back because I am pretty good at reading maps.
I said normally, right? Well, because in Copenhagen my sense of direction wasn't with me :-) It was hilarious. I got lost so many times and I mean really lost, like walking in the opposite direction kind of lost!

Venice was the mother of all places to get lost all the time
Like when I was looking for the Little Mermaid (which, BTW, was a bit disappointing because the mermaid is REALLY little haha). You should have seen me walking right and left, forward and back again, around the corner and back again etc. (in the freezing cold, obviously, with no people to ask for directions). I had almost given up hope (I was already writing a post in my head ... a funny post about how I was the only person on earth not having visited the little mermaid in Copenhagen because I couldn't find her. hahaha) when I finally saw some people walking through a fence (there was a door that I hadn't spotted before). I decided to give it a try and there she was, the (literal) Little Mermaid!

Or the day I decided to start my day by visiting the National Museum. After studying my map, I walked out of my hotel and turned right. The museum was supposed to be 3 blocks away. I walked and walked and walked (in the freezing cold, obviously) but no museum. No sign either. I asked for directions and she pointed in the direction I just came from. Oh my. How was this even possible? How could I walk right instead of left AFTER having studied my map? How?? Honestly, at that time I had given up finding reasons for my getting lost all the time.
It was what it was (and I knew then I'd be writing this post!).
Copenhagen will be the exception that proves the rule for my sense of direction!

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