Friday, March 23, 2018

Keep Going

Doesn't this picture perfectly show one of life's aspect? I think so.
(Note: Success, in my opinion, has nothing to do with having money, power, fame. I see it more as in "succeed in doing something that, just some time ago, was a simple idea". This can be related to "big" things like a job, a new way of life or smaller things like a new hobby.)

Today, though, it's not about success. It's about the part in between, the "do", "do again", "and again" and "keep doing".
Usually, when you hear someone talk about succeeding in whatever, you probably get to hear about the thinking part, the idea part, the trying part and, obviously, the success part. The doing part, at least in my observation, is usually just something you get a resumé of. A success story kind of implies that "it wasn't a big deal to get there".
Well, some part of me gets it because listening to the "do again and again and again and again" part (or talking about it) can be boring and unfunny. It's not what makes a great story great. The part of the journey where doubts, crying jags, frustration, mantras consisting of "I will never be able to do that" and more doubts are not what we want to hear. Too close to our own fears, right? We prefer the happy ending.

But please, let's be honest here (if not here, where else??). The "do again and again and again and again" part is the most trying and long part of everyone's life. The shitty part of everyone's journey. It's the part I tend to forget myself ... when I either finally succeed or when I give up because ... well, because.
I have learned that, sometimes, it's simply "the natural selection process". If I do not have the energy to "do", "do again", "and again" and "keep doing", then my idea was not worth it. I have learned to let go of ideas and to trust in the next one that's usually just around the corner.
Other times, I find the energy to go on.

It's like, right now, with my learning to play the flute. I thought I was finally on my way to the "success" part of my apprenticeship, but oh my, how wrong I was. Still way to go. wwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to go.
Luckily my love for music keeps me going ... even though, every other day or so, these days at least, I want to throw this piece of wood that is my flute out of my window

Have a nice weekend everybody!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Guided Tour in Einsiedeln (Switzerland)

Last Saturday I tried something new: I organized a guided tour for a couple of my friends.
Usually, when I have an idea of some place I want to visit, I go there alone or ask one friend to accompany me. With this idea though, one friend wouldn't have been enough...

I had heard of this guided tour of the Einsiedeln monastery done by one of their monks. I had wanted to book up for such a tour for quite some time now but the problem was that the monks only do this for groups (of 15 or of 30). In addition, the tour has to be booked well in advance.
One day (I wonder why I hadn't thought of it earlier?) I knew exactly how I'd be able to go on such a guided tour. I'd organize a tour for friends and acquaintances who'd be interested in knowing more about the church of Einsiedeln and in visiting the library as well. Like many monasteries, Einsiedeln has quite an impressive library. It isn't open to the public though. You can visit only with a guide.
No sooner thought than done (to my amazement!), 12 people were thrilled and happy to come along with me.

We had a wonderful tour (it lasts about 90 minutes). Einsiedeln is a power place, the church is amazing in all its barock abundance (the pink stucco work is really breathtaking!). The monk's explanations were interesting and I could spend days in their library, discovering their treasures. I'd recommend it!

My friends were enthusiastic about the tour and some of them urged me to come up with new ideas. And you know what? Why not? Let's see what other ideas pop up :-)

Monday, March 12, 2018

Turning Fifty

I am turning fifty (yes: five zero!!) in September. I can't believe it! And I don't mean it as in "oh my, I hate getting older". No, it's more something along the lines of "where the hell has time gone?".

When I was in my twenties, I never thought about getting older (what normal 20 something does that anyway??). It was something for the (oh so far away) future! Something I'd deal with once I'd become an adult. And for the 20 something Me being an "adult" meant that I would have "reached the target" (not more defined, obviously... hahaha). I'd be someone who'd knew exactly who she was and that would be it. I'd wear my adult coat and never take it off again.

Hilarious, don't you think? Who I am today has nothing to do with what my 20 something Me thought I'd be. Still not "found it". Still not arrived. Still no life's target ... besides living every day at its fullest (or at least try my best!).
It's so much cooler than I'd ever thought it'd be! I am zen. My brain waves are not in permanent state of agitation. My inner voice guides me through the ups and downs of my life. I know my strength and my shortcomings.

In some ways though I really have "arrived" but in many others there is still so much to discover, so many new paths to walk on, people to meet.
What helped a great deal all along this wonderful journey so far is that my happiness never depended on the "outside Me". At one point along the way my hair turned gray. Wrinkles became part of my skin. Age spots as well. C'est la vie. It's certainly not important because, to say it with other's words:

Friday, March 9, 2018

March Wish

February has been a more quiet month. March's energy though seems different to me. It bubbles all around me (reason why I chose this picture of a Yellowstone National Park geysers!).
It's time to express ourselves :-)

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Copenhagen ... Some More Pictures

the colors!

Art Nouveau all over

Art Nouveau ... again

Radhuspladsen (City Hall square)

more Nyhaven

harbor tour

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Getting Lost in Copenhagen

I am normally pretty good at getting around new places. I have a good sense of direction, not to gloat or so, but I rarely get lost and if I do, I
a) never mind because I get to discover places I wouldn't have otherwise and
b) I always find my way back because I am pretty good at reading maps.
I said normally, right? Well, because in Copenhagen my sense of direction wasn't with me :-) It was hilarious. I got lost so many times and I mean really lost, like walking in the opposite direction kind of lost!

Venice was the mother of all places to get lost all the time
Like when I was looking for the Little Mermaid (which, BTW, was a bit disappointing because the mermaid is REALLY little haha). You should have seen me walking right and left, forward and back again, around the corner and back again etc. (in the freezing cold, obviously, with no people to ask for directions). I had almost given up hope (I was already writing a post in my head ... a funny post about how I was the only person on earth not having visited the little mermaid in Copenhagen because I couldn't find her. hahaha) when I finally saw some people walking through a fence (there was a door that I hadn't spotted before). I decided to give it a try and there she was, the (literal) Little Mermaid!

Or the day I decided to start my day by visiting the National Museum. After studying my map, I walked out of my hotel and turned right. The museum was supposed to be 3 blocks away. I walked and walked and walked (in the freezing cold, obviously) but no museum. No sign either. I asked for directions and she pointed in the direction I just came from. Oh my. How was this even possible? How could I walk right instead of left AFTER having studied my map? How?? Honestly, at that time I had given up finding reasons for my getting lost all the time.
It was what it was (and I knew then I'd be writing this post!).
Copenhagen will be the exception that proves the rule for my sense of direction!