Friday, February 9, 2018

Ever Thought about Traveling to Norway?

Norway and other Northern European countries were never items of my travel bucket list. When thinking of Northern Europe my mind always went to how expensive everything was, to cold and rainy weather, short, dark days vs. never-ending days, mosquitoes. And as there are so many other destinations around the world that I haven't visited yet, Northern Europe was ignored. At least until recently when I picked Copenhagen for a short trip in February. I decided it was time to see for myself. It was time for a first impression of the North.

Then, simultaneously, I did some research on Norway as a favor to a friend of mine. She was thinking about visiting her husband's cousin in Oslo and maybe see some other places not far away from Oslo but she felt a bit overwhelmed about the whole thing. She simply didn't know where to start.
I suggested to do some "overall research" for her, in order to get a rough idea.
A win-win situation. She was thankful and I was happy because I love doing research on places I don't know.

Oslo was the first surprise. Architecturally speaking it wasn't love at first sight. But the museums were. I don't know much about the Vikings but looking up the Polar Ship Museum or the Viking Ship Museum made me wanna go there at once and learn more about their culture!
Train journeys came next. You know that I love traveling by train and Norway has some quite spectacular train journeys to offer. Oslo - Bergen being one. Oslo - Trondheim another. Or going from Myrdal to Flam (read what others have to say about this journey). To be continued almost ad infinitum.
And wanna talk about the fjords? The national parks? I didn't look up other places like the Lofoten Islands (just to mention one of many places to visit) because my friend and her family will spent only one week in Norway. I limited my research accordingly.
Even so. Norway is now on my bucket list under "Travels in June".

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