Friday, January 5, 2018

Personal Wishes for 2018

Can you feel it too? 2018 has a different energy. A pretty good one! We're only on day 5 but it feels like everything is ... in the flow. Interestingly enough I sent a message to my sister-in-law on 1 January when I was in Italy (and didn't have much time because my time on the Internet was limited) and I said something along the lines of: I practice being tolerant and patient. I thought back to these words, written without thinking too much, and I decided that my words were dead-on. My 2018 will be about tolerance and patience. Towards others but also towards myself. Other words came to my mind too: kindliness, consciousness.

Therefore, these are my personal wishes for 2018.
Acting in a tolerant, patient, kind and conscious way every day (or at least try to).


Moreno Biondi said...

Hi simo...wishes for an amazing 2018 to you.
Are you still in Italy? Have a nice day. Moreno

Simonetta Damiani said...

Moreno! Buon anno anche a te!! E alla tua famiglia. No, non sono piĆ¹ in Italia... volevo chiamarvi ma il tempo era poco. La prossima volta!! Have a nice day too!