Sunday, January 28, 2018

Next Travel Plans

Travel plans, sometimes, are just that: plans (remember this post?)

My planned road trips were cancelled/postponed due to money spent otherwise.

I got to visit my family in Italy though but haven't been anywhere near the Conero region ... well, because I got the flu, lost my voice for a couple of days, it rained a lot and ... oh well, you get it. Next time :-)

Vienna was another idea of mine. Traveling with my miles. Oh yes, what a nice idea ... at least until ... it turned out that I haven't enough miles on my account for a flight to Vienna (who would have thought that Vienna "cost" so many miles?? crazy). The hotel prices were sobering as well.
I got it. No Vienna (at least not right now).
Where to go instead?
Copenhagen came to my mind. Again and again. I did some quick research and really, why the hell not?
I booked a flight with (half) of my miles, found a nice hotel and so, here I am ... off to Copenhagen in a couple of weeks!

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