Thursday, January 11, 2018

January Wish

With this picture and these words I am starting a new series called #monthlywishesfor2018. I thought of it yesterday evening while attending a lecture of an astrologer (astrologer, yes, you read correctly hahaha. I decided that in 2018 I wanted to broaden my horizon by attending more lectures and go to more concerts!).
The astrologer was telling us about 2018 and how the constellations will influence our year.
You don't believe in constellations or astrology?
Well, I understand but bear with me for a minute and keep in mind that wishes never do any harm...

So, starting today, I will spend a couple of minutes every months thinking of a wish for my (and obviously yours as well) upcoming month. Numerology and astrology (and my inner voice) will help me "find" the good wishes.
January so far has been good and I strongly feel the whole "new" thing. I left the somehow emotionally exhausting 2017 behind me and look forward to an exciting 2018!

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