Friday, January 5, 2018

First Trip of the Year

I just spent the holidays in Italy and because of the many family gatherings there wasn't much time for me to do what I like most: being on the road. I nevertheless found the time to spend some time alone!

One day I went shopping. I urgently needed new boots and now ... well, let's just say that now I have enough boots for the next couple of years (and also new trousers, a blouse, etc.). It was my (very) lucky shopping day!

The second day I drove to the sea in Cattolica and spent some time at the mercato (what else?) and took a long walk on the beach. What a wonderful way to spend the last day of 2017...

My third day was spent visiting Urbino. I never get tired of visiting Urbino. It's like a place of my heart. I go to the museum, walk around the (perfect) renaissance town, I browsed the bookstores and simply soaked up the good energy.

I am back home now ... and am ready for 2018 and all the new places I will visit!


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