Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Eating Habits

Back in my twenties or even my thirties, I never talked or thought much about eating habits. I have been overweight all my life ... sometimes more so, sometimes less so ... therefore, if I thought about food it was always about the quantity, not the quality.

That has changed in the meantime.
I believe I am not the only one, am I? Many of us are more aware of the food we eat. Where the meat or the fish we eat comes from. We became aware of the sugar the food industry puts into the stuff they sell us. Not to mention the sodium and other abhorrent stuff!
Some of us became vegan, others vegetarian, others, like me, became just more aware of what they eat.
Obviously this new awareness has also something to do with what happens on our planet. We read about the plastic in our water. We read about abused animals or about meat that is full of antibiotic. We read about how they breed the chicken or the fish. Not a reading pleasure, I'm afraid, more an eye-opening kind of experience.

My personal eye-opening moment took place the day I realized that after each lunch I ate (restaurant or take-away) I suffered from flatulence ... followed by strong cravings for sugar. I never questioned my daily discomfort. It was what it was ... until the day I decided I had had enough.
I started to cook my own meals (real cooking, no deep-frozen or ready-cooked stuff) and ate the leftovers in the office the day after.
The relief was immediate. No flatulence. No sugar cravings.
It was amazing.
I decided to go on cooking my own food and more so, I started to change my eating and drinking habits. Slowly. One habit after the other.

No more soft drinks as a start. Not that I ever drank many of them, but I realized that the amount of sugar in even one of the drinks was too much. After I read the ingredients list of the light products I quit those as well. Water or unsweetened tea for me now. And a coffee for breakfast (that I CANNOT be without). Sugar in form of dessert (I have a sweet tooth!) was the next change. Less is more became my motto and nowadays, I indulge in dessert only from time to time and when I do, it feels like Christmas and my birthday combined.
*****Astonishing fact: the less sugar I eat, the less cravings for dessert I have!*********
Home-baked bread was next on my list, followed by less and less meat on my menu. Then, at the end of last year, I decided to forgo eating fish ... because
a) our seas are overfished and I don't want to help with that. And
b) the fish we find in our supermarkets come from places like Vietnam. I have nothing against fisherman in Vietnam or about Vietnam (how could I???) but the question was: do I really need to eat something that comes from sooo far away? I decided that I do not.

I am still overweight (I'm actually in what I call my less period).
I am certainly no health nut.
And I don't go around preaching the truth (oh no, I don't like those who do at all!!).

It's just that, honestly, I feel better. I am overweight but my body is strong (my yoga practice certainly has a say in that matter!). My digestion is flawless. No more headaches.
I came to term with my (overweight) body. That's something I honestly had never ever ever ever thought possible. Believe me. My kilos have been part of who I (didn't really want to be) all of my life. The kilos are still there but it's different now. It feels different. I like who I am. I like this strong and soft at once body of mine. Curves and muscles. I still like to eat, very much so, but these days it's more about the quality then the quantity.

PS: I am having a #beingthankful moment!

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