Sunday, December 10, 2017

Facebook Challenge

One of my Facebook friends (one I actually really call a friend, even in my "real" world) "challenged" me to post pictures of my everyday life in black and white without giving any explanations. Pictures of people weren't allowed either. 7 days of pictures. Showing my life.
It was a pretty cool challenge actually.
Do you wanna know what my last week looked like?

Well, it started off with a picture taken during a walk along the lake (some pictures won't be black and white because they are lovelier in "real" color!)

Then it was me practicing the flute

The next day was about thinking (it was one of these days when the mind takes over)

I spent the next afternoon at the mall

Traffic jam the next day

Getting a feeling that Christmas is around the corner

Lunchtime of the last day of the challenge spent soaking up on the sun (after days of fog and rain!) ... where if not looking at the lake?

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