Saturday, December 2, 2017

Being Thankful: Friends

I am #beingthankful for my friends. They may not live nearby (some of them actually live far away and we see each other only every other year or so) but they are all in my heart and they helped me become who I am today, that's for sure.
I love them. I love it that they are all so different from each other. It's a gift to me. My life would be so dull and empty without them. Without being able to share funny moments, thoughtful or sad ones. To talk about art, music, food, travel, ideas and the meaning of life. To ask for opinions and views.
What a lucky girl I am!
Some friends I have known since my teens. Others only for a couple of months. Doesn't change the power of our friendship though.
It's time to say it out loud:
I love you all so much.
Thank you for being who you are and making me become who I am today!

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