Friday, November 17, 2017

When Money Sets the Pace

I had planned on going on a road trip to either Lago Maggiore or Lake Constance (remember my post?) in November but then .. my bank account happened or rather my computer happened.

Buying a new laptop has been on my list of stuff to buy for quite some time now. I kept putting it off and off because there always was something more important to spend money on (mostly travels, what else?). Then one day I realized that my old laptop was ... old. Like really old. The face of the guy in the shop where I bought my new laptop said it all when I told him that my old one was running on Vista! You should have been there. It was hilarious! At least, I thought it was hilarious. He probably thought that I was pathetic. hahahah
Anyway, the poor thing was so old that I was afraid it would die on me without notice. It was updated. And ssslllooowww (you cannot imagine HOW slow). 10 years for a computer these days is an age to be proud of, isn't it? Definitely time for a new one.

To cut a long story short. I am writing this post on my brand new, sleek, thin and elegant new laptop. New technology is really cool, I have to admit even though postponing my road trip wasn't easy at all!

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