Sunday, November 26, 2017

Being Thankful: Traveling

It's obvious that my first post with the hashtag #beingthankful should be about traveling. It's an important part of my life and I am thankful:
-to travel to places all over the world (alone or with friends),
-to afford to travel in the first place and
-that at some point in my life I found the courage to travel alone.

2017 was a travel intense year. It started in December/January with Lisbon. A wonderful way to say goodbye to 2016 and to welcome 2017.

In March I spent 3 weeks in Costa Rica and Mexico City. One of my highlights of this year! Costa Rica was a destination that felt like balm to my soul. I soaked up on nature, on the silence, on the friendly people. Never to be forgotten!

Mexico City was the pure opposite (with insight I wouldn't visit the two places on the same trip - it was too much of a shock!). I was glad though to spend some days with my friend S. It was wonderful to be able to catch up on our lives!

I started off my summer with spending a few days in Cattolica. I am grateful for the hospitality of my friends, the hotel owners. Cattolica is not about traveling, it's about vacationing!

Traveling to Lake Como had been on my bucket list for a while now and I am thankful to my friend J. to have agreed to travel with me. I enjoyed the hours spent shopping, the boat trip on Lake Como but I'm particularly thankful for the dinners and lunches in nice places. That is something I don't do while traveling alone!

In August, it was time to travel to Greece. I am thankful to my friend who invited me to her Big Fat Greek Wedding. Not only did I get to experience my first (and probably last) Greek Wedding but I am happy that I got to discover very nice new places. Yes, I am talking about Milos, one of the many islands in the Cyclades.
The Cyclades are definitely a new item on my bucket list. Thank you M.!

My birthday present for myself, i.e. trip to Nice, was a wonderful way to say goodbye to Summer!

Torino, the place where I didn't take any pictures (remember?)was my last trip for 2017. Oh no, wait. Actually, not the last. the second to last. My last trip (I decided on going only a couple of days ago) will be to Italy. To Cagli/PU (where my mother is from). I will leave after Christmas and stay for about a week (haven't decided on how long I am gonna stay but certainly longer than New Year's Eve).

What an amazing 2017! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

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