Thursday, November 2, 2017

About Music and Feminism

Don't you think that a little update on my alto flute skills is overdue?
Well. What to say? I'm doing fine. It's fun. Music does me good. I am proud of the progresses I've made. I got over some serious "I will never be able to play the flute" kind of moments with more or less grace. Frustrating moments became highlights! I have learnt that my level of frustration is quite low (sigh!) but I am proud to have kept on practicing.

6 months later I am proud to say that I am able to play short songs. You don't think that it is something worth mentioning? I'm sorry to say: You're wrong!
It's not the fact that I actually play an entire song ... it's that now these songs actually sound like the actual songs (and not just like notes hazardly linked together). I feel like calling myself a musician now. A beginner, indeed, but a musician nevertheless! (See me writing this wearing a happy face!)

Music is also something that connects me to my nephews / to my niece. We talk about music a lot. They show me their favorite songs/videos of the moment (keeps me updated!). We talk about which groove / beat is cool and which not. Sometimes I explain some cultural background to a certain song or the meaning of the song's words to them.
Pretty cool, I must say!
What's not so cool though, is that almost EVERY SINGLE video shows a barely dressed woman. Thankfully they are still of an age where they go all "ick" when seeing a girl (and my niece is too young to understand the notion). Their luck is that their Zia (Italian for aunt) is a feminist and always says stuff like "what is this barely dressed woman making there? Makes no sense!" "Why is it always an almost naked woman and never a man?" etc. etc.
I want them to realize that almost naked women are not a normal occurence. Same goes for four-letter words that often denigrate women. I want them to be conscious of what they see and what they say!

I know, I know. Barely dressed women have been part of videos ever since (or maybe not ever since but for a very long time) but my perception of this fact has changed since I watch videos with my young nephews/niece.
Is this what we want to teach them?
Is this how we want them to perceive women?
Isn't it time to change things? It is! Please, dear producers, dear video makers, think of other ways to entertain us. Be part of the change!

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