Thursday, October 26, 2017

Old and New Travel Destinations

I was grocery shopping yesterday and saw ... Panettone on the shelfs! (For those of you who are not familiar with Panettone: it's a baked good that in Italy is eaten around Christmas time). November is not even there yet and already the shelfs are full of Panettone? Have they gone crazy? Is it possible that the Christmas craziness starts earlier every year? Or is it just me?
Seeing the Panettone made me realize that 2017 is almost over. Where did time go? A busy year (in the good sense). Busy meeting people, going places, taking up new challenges (remember? I play the alto flute now! Will have to tell you more about my progresses), having a fulfilled life in general (with its highs and lows) and (obviously!) I traveled a lot. Lisbon, Costa Rica, Mexico City, Cattolica, Lago di Como, Greece, Nice and Turin

Thinking about my past trips, inevitably, brings me to my next trips. Or ideas of next trips. (Ideas of next trips don't necessarily lead to an actual trip. Sometimes an idea is just an idea :-))
On the spur of the moment I come up with
Vienna (because I have some miles I need to use)
A road trip around Lago Maggiore or/and Lake Constance (because I have never been on a road trip in Europe)
Visiting my family in Italy (because my aunts aren't getting any younger) + day trip to the Conero region (because I have been told that it's wonderful)
Berlin (because I haven't seen my friend who lives there for some time) + a train trip to Stralsund and RĂ¼gen (because I have never been to the Baltic Sea).

The big unknown so far is my once-in-a-year-for-three-weeks kind of trip. The US comes to my mind, particularly the Southwest. In June maybe. But that is totally work in progress.
And you know that I love the work in progress part of a trip, well, maybe not as much but very much so, as the actual trip. Therefore:

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