Friday, September 1, 2017

Where To Draw A Line (when it comes to taking pictures)

My friend's wedding in Crete was magical. The couple in love and radiant. The location wonderful, on top of a hill surrounded by the Meditteranean Macchia with an amazing view of the sea. It was classy and I had the best of times celebrating their love.
So far so good.
Then something tickled my brain at the very beginning of the evening, during the ceremony. I ignored it until later on in the evening, while we were all dancing to Greek music (yes! I danced to Greek music hahaha), when it tickled again.
Something was bothering me but what exactly? And then it hit me. I was bothered by the three photographers and the one guy who was filming the whole thing because they kept bumping into everybody to get the right shot or the right angle. They obviously were just doing their jobs and nothing is wrong with that. Somehow though, at least for me, their moving around took a bit of the magic away. They had done the same during the ceremony when they placed themselves in front of the couple exchanging their vows in order to take the best of pictures (hello? magic?). Same goes for the invitees who were taking pictures all the time (how was life before Instagram? Can someone remember??)
It felt, at least to me, that taking pictures or making a video was more important than living the actual moment (like crying when the couple said yes to each other or dancing to Greek music).

Don't get me wrong. I understand that a couple who is getting married wants to have pictures of their day. And I get that invitees want pictures to remember that particular day. I did so too. Nothing wrong with that at all.
But where do we draw a line?
Some people might feel that there is no line to draw.
I, however, believe there is one. Certainly the effort to "take pictures in order to put it on Instagram" or "in order to not forget this wonderful moment" is understandable and right. I read somewhere that We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone. I do so totally agree.
The line to draw is when taking pictures prevents us from living and enjoying a moment. Some moments in life are to be simply lived and felt. Not only that. No picture can bring back joy that you haven't felt because you were busy taking pictures. You know what I mean? Good moments, happy moments where you were so busy FEELING that you totally forgot about taking a picture. No picture needed for such moments. They are engraved in your heart forever!

For me (the ever over analyzing me SMILE) this wedding was not only a magic moment spent celebrating the love of two people I respect and love but it was also a reminder not to always look for the next picture to take. A reminder to not forget to live every moment of your life at its fullest!

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