Friday, September 22, 2017

Our New Normal?

I rarely write about what's happening in the world on my blog (politics, news in general). Even though there would be a LOT to talk about, to rant about, to be happy about, to disagree with, to agree with, don't you think? I avoid commenting on news because I want this blog to feel like a safe haven (to me and hopefully to you as well). I want to talk about what's in my heart and not to add words to the overflow of news out there.

September's (terrible and heartbreaking) news forced me to change my mind, though, the earthquake of Mexico City being the trigger.
It wasn't because I felt particularly connected to Mexico City (Remember? I didn't even particularly like it there.) No, it was because of something I said while visiting last March. When our guide told us about how the city was sinking 1 centimeter per year (see post here), I remember saying to my friend: Let's hope for them that they'll never have an earthquake.
And it happened! Hey, I am not saying that I got some kind of skill to predict the future. Oh no. I never think or talk about earthquakes when visiting a place neither. I am no "the end of the world is coming" kind of woman. It just that ... an earthquake is terrible for everybody in the first place. But if you live in a city that is sinking? It's even harder (not that one can quantify the effects of disasters - every disaster is terrible for the people affected).
Anyway, my thoughts and my love go out to them.

Speaking of which. A lot of thoughts and love went to a lot of people these last couple of weeks as natural disasters were daily news. No zen-like September for us this year! More earthquakes in Mexico, typhoons in East Asia, wild fires in Montana and in parts of Southern Europe, drought, hurricans in the Carribean and in Florida, flooding in Italy and elsewhere, heavy landslides in the Alps (and I am afraid my list isn't complete).
As I said: a lot of thoughts and love went out to every corner of this world, almost daily if not every hour. I can't stop wondering though if this will be our new normal? Earthquakes, landslides, drought, heavy rain, etc.  I am afraid it will be. Climate change is no longer something that may happen in a distant future. It's happening now.

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