Saturday, September 30, 2017

It Was In The Air

It must have been in the air. First, my yoga teacher. Before we start our weekly yoga practice, for a couple of minutes, she reflects on some topic related to living a yogi life. Last week she talked about the calm and quiet we need in our every day life. She suggested to dedicate 5 minutes of our day to do nothing, to sit there and let the thoughts come and go. Let the energy flow. She felt this was important because it's easy to loose ourselves in our daily doings and in all the millions of thoughts we have every day. 5 minutes to focus on what's important. Ourselves. Our well-being.
This topic not being something I need to put my energy into (I found a good balance between action and dolce far niente), I let the topic go after yoga practice.

But then on Sunday, I was reminded of her words.
I went hiking with a friend of mine. At some point she started talking about her job, her boss, her problems at work, etc. The words came out slowly in the beginning but the more she talked, the more her words just flowed.
I wasn't shocked. You know, people tell me stuff and this story of hers? Well, I've heard it too many times! What the hell is wrong with certain employers? How come they treat their staff like shit (excuse my French!)? Their stock price may be doing wonderfully well. Their CEO and Co. may earn huge salaries and bonuses. But what about the normal working guy? What happened to treating your employees with respect and decency? Makes me sick!
Anyway. Let's go back to the subject at hand: my friend letting all the frustration out. As her venting was more about saying it all out loud then about my advice, I just let her talk. I just asked one question (not expecting an answer): Is this really the way you wanna live?

The same topic came up a day later. I went out with another friend and another venting session awaited me! (I didn't mind. I feel strong and good these days.) Same story as on Sunday: stress, stress and more stress. Companies with no or bad leadership. Lack of appreciation. She might earn big money but her social life and her health (or her life in general) is going down the drain!
Same question applies: Is this the way you wanna live?

A day later at yoga practice the whole "5 minutes a day to let your thoughts go" came up again. She usually picks a different topic every week, but somehow she felt this topic needed more attention. Somehow, it's in the air!

Unfortunately, the 5 minutes thing isn't of any big help to my friends. I mentioned it to both of them but they weren't ready to hear me. I know that, when you are on the brink of a burn-out (I've been there, so I know!), 5 minutes a day letting your thoughts go isn't as easy at it sounds. You're kind of in the middle of a storm and you can't think clearly. Back when I was in the same situation, my solution was to ... leave. To just quit everything and start anew (a story for another time!).
Burn-out is a serious issue and it takes a lot of strength to get rid of it.

My yoga teacher's advice though is precious but more directed to people who are not there yet (I mean on the brink of a burn-out). Like a preventive care. Reflect on the following words:

5 minutes a day is a good start to learn not to be controlled by your own mind!

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