Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Remembering Greece: Stop-Over in Santorini

With a heavy heart I left Milos after only two days. It wasn't enough. By far! I want to go back and have a much closer look. Rent a car and visit the whole island.
I took the ferry to Santorini, had a 5 hour stop-over there (that became a 4 hour stop-over because the ferry was one hour late - Greek time, my dears!) and then continued on to Heraklion, Crete, in the evening.
I had heard many things about Santorini. All kind of things. From very good to very bad. I had even read a newspaper article describing the hordes of Chinese that apparently were fond of the island. As usual, I listened to the reviews only halfheartedly because I wanted to form my own view!
Oh my.
How should I put this nicely?
After Milos ... it was a shock! Hordes (like HORDES!) of tourists. Many of them (like MANY!) were Chinese. Every third or so restaurant was actually Chinese.
To say it in two words: Big Chaos
I was in over my head. Totally overwhelmed.
I have to admit though that once I got over the hordes of people, I came to appreciate the views. What a place this must have been, say 10 years ago? Absolutely breathtaking.
Santorini shows the bad side of tourism. Many Greeks I've met after having visited Santorini told me that, in their opinion, "Santorini sold its soul". Gotta love the Greeks for their theatrics!!
The Cyclades made it to my travel bucket list but Santorini and Mykonos won't be part of that future trip, that's for sure!

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