Saturday, August 19, 2017

Remembering Greece: Crete (and Chania in Particular)

Heraklion was chaotic and hot :-) Like Athens on a smaller scale. The Archeological Museum though was definitely worth my staying there for one night/one day. In the evening, I took the bus to Chania which was pretty cool because I got to see the countryside and the coast (it's a 3 hour drive!).

Chania was were the wedding took place. Such a cute little town. I loved it! I will tell you more about the wedding and there was also the horse riding we did, with a friend of mine and her boyfriend. It turned out to be quite the adventure and it deserves a full post! So, more to follow!

August in Crete wasn't the ideal month to do sightseeing. It was way to hot. One day, with said friend of mine and her boyfriend, we rented a car and drove around. We spent a good part of our day in a restaurant on the sea, eating Meze and talking :-) Which was pretty cool but not much about sightseeing! But then it's not always about sightseeing and I will have to visit Crete another time (not during summer time, that's for sure!) because there are quite some sites I'd love to see.
This time though I stuck to Chania's old town and the Venetian harbor. What a wonderful place! It felt a bit (just a tiny little bit) like being in Venice. The narrow streets were ideal for getting lost and you know how I love to get lost! Up and down, left and right I went, in an out the cute little shops!

Chania seen from afar

Chania's lighthouse

the old town


the port

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