Thursday, August 10, 2017

Remembering Greece: Athens

Prior to my departure to Greece, I had been excited and worried at once. Excited for the obvious reasons and worried because of that whole high season/size of crowds thing. I feared that it would somehow spoil my time there.
I shouldn't have worried. Well, high season was certainly not the best time to take off to Greece (or any other European destination actually) and the crowds were quite impressive (apparently, Greece is expected to welcome 26 million tourists this summer!).
The places though were so magical, the people I met so nice and friendly and funny that I totally forgot about the crowds!

I started my trip in Athens, as you may recall. What to say? The city was chaotic and the temperatures were hot (OMG, you have no idea how hot!!). I loved walking around the city and being surrounded by 2000 and more years of history felt wonderful to me. I visited the Akropolis museum (it didn't exist the last time I visited) and I avoided the Akropolis itself (the line was too long for my linking and in this heat? No thanks). I walked around the Roman Agora and the temple of Zeus, I strolled the small streets of Plaka (old town) and Monastiraki (another cute part of town).
By the end of my first day in Greece I was already in a totally relaxed and feel good kind of mood. I knew then that this trip was going to be wonderful!

Don't let the clouds deceive you - it was hot! Akropolis seen from below

I loved the houses

Temple of Zeus

Acropolis again - seen from the other side

houses, house and more houses

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