Thursday, August 24, 2017

Conscious Writing and Speaking

I have been thinking about racism a lot these last couple of days. Not only because of what happened in Charlottesville, USA but also thanks to the many discussions I had with this friend of mine and her boyfriend (remember? The couple I went sightseeing with in Crete?). My friend's late father was from Ghana. Her mother is Swiss. So, she unfortunately knows about racism first hand.
Even though I am the daughter of Italian emigrants, I have never been a victim of racism. Nevertheless, I have been attentive to the issue of racism ever since I can remember thinking. In recent years, in countless discussions with friends and family (especially the part who lives in Italy), I started pointing out that when using the word "stranger" or "alien" they were talking about me and my parents as well.
Their answer? No! It's not the same!
My answer? Of course it's the same. Just because me and my parents and my brother are not strangers for you, we are in front of the law. We are part of the percentage of "alien citizen" they like to talk about on TV.
They meant no harm, I am sure of that. I just want to make sure that they never forget where I come from. Conscious speaking ... see below :-)
I, for instance, never forget where I come from.
But then, you wonder, I write posts like the one about my stop-over in Santorini?
Remember me complaining about the hordes of Chinese? Is it racist to say that?
No, I don't think so because the focus of my words was on my dislike of hordes/crowds and not on the Chinese people. It could have been hordes of whoever and you would have heard me complaining too. Hordes annoy me. Chinese people do not.
Should I have been more precise in my post? Yes, I should have and I realize that now. I promise to be more accurate in future posts!

Language is important. We all know about the power of words and even though free speech is our right, a right that many before us have fought for, don't we ever forget that (in other parts of the world, even in 2017, you get killed for what you say!), we should use our words carefully.
I'd say the best way is ... conscious writing and speaking.
Yes, I like that. Conscious writing and speaking. All part of conscious living :-)

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