Friday, July 21, 2017

Travel Plans for this Summer

Summer 2017 is going to be different from my usual summers. Usually my summers mean having time for myself. Summer 2017 is more about going out a lot and about traveling (unusual for me as I prefer to do my traveling in low season). But then, different is good. Different is what I seek. Different is what keeps me going.

Money-wise, the two months after my trip to Costa Rica and Mexico City were hard. I even had to refuse a trip to Isola d'Elba with some friends because of my (empty) bank account. I didn't mind much because my trip to Central America had been so wonderful and I didn't mind living on memories for some time!
In June though things turned better (money-wise, I mean) and by the end of June I was off to Italy on my annual "I love to spend some days at the beach doing nothing" trip. Then came the trip to Lake Como. And at the end of July, I will be off to Greece for about 10 days.
To Greece during high-season? You may think that I am going totally crazy.
Well, you might be right (can you already hear me complaining about the hordes of tourists?? hahaha I totally can!) It's just that a friend of mine is getting married in Crete at the beginning of August and well, I couldn't just go to Crete for the weekend of the marriage? Right? I had to make a 10 days trip out of it. Right? Absolutely right!

I will visit Athens (I have been there twice but can't wait to see everything again), then take the ferry to Milos (so many islands to choose from). As there is no direct ferry from Milos to Heraklion (Crete), I will have a stop-over in Santorini (couple of hours in the afternoon) and take the evening ferry to Heraklion. One day in Heraklion to visit the museum (my hotel has a wonderful view of the harbor!) and then off to Chania (by bus) where the wedding will take place. I will have enough time to visit Chania and its environs. It's gonna be a lot of fun as I know much of the people attending the marriage and we already have some stuff organized. I'll tell you more about everything in due course, promised!

A wonderful trip and now that I have found the perfect dress for the wedding? I am ready to take off!

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