Sunday, July 2, 2017

Life is Full of Stories

I love to write (and I sure love that YOU love to read!). I love writing these posts here on my blog and from time to time I even write short stories just for the pleasure of writing them. I am a good story teller (at least my nephews and my nice believe so hahaha). I think of stories when I do people-watching. I look at them and wonder what's her / his story? Where does she come from? Where is he headed to? And my mind comes up with a wonderful story :-)
Our world is full of stories.
Every single person is a story.
Obviously, songs are short stories as well. I listen to a song and my mind thinks of a story. Like a glimpse of another world, of other feelings. (Same goes for a book!)
Don't get me wrong here. I am the most down to earth person you may know. My life is now. I enjoy the now and I love to deal with whatever life has ready for me next. But maybe it's because I am this down to earth kind of person that I love to read, to listen to songs and to get lost in another world.
It's like a break from life. A super short vacation of some sort.

I was thinking these thoughts while traveling to Italy last week. I was sitting in the train, listening to my music and got lost in the world of my actual favorite song.
Then suddenly another thought came up.
Now that I am studying music, I could (in a very far future, that is for sure) try to write a song myself. Mmmm. Intriguing. Not feasible right now (for obvious reasons as I started my flute lessons only 2 months ago) but should I therefore discard the idea instantly? Yes? No? What to do?

I decided to stick to my usual MO (Modus Operandi). I keep the idea with me for the moment. If it's still here in 6 months (or more) and I can't stop thinking about it?
Mmmm, as I said. Intriguing. And so full of possibilities...

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