Friday, July 14, 2017

Lake Como: Varenna

I had put Varenna on my list of places to visit on Lake Como because I had read articles from many different travel bloggers who had visited and had loved the place. I decided to trust their judgement and to see for myself.
I am glad I did!
A wonderful place (much better than Bellagio for instance ... much much better, at least in my opinion). It was kind of crowded without feeling too overcrowded though. You just have to walk away from the harbor and its restaurants and bars to find some cute and silent corners.
And next time, I will allow some extra time to hike from Varenna to Bellano on a hiking trail with a wonderful view of the lake! See? I'll be back!

Well, anyway, I loved the place seen from the ferry...

I loved the town itself...

Last but not least, I absolutely adored the place I had lunch in (a place I will never ever forget). The food was amazing but the view??? Judge for yourselves...

I love it when the mountains turn blue... When I look at this I wish I had some (any) talent in painting. Because I would totally paint these blue mountains!!

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