Saturday, July 15, 2017

Lago di Como: Why I'll Visit Again

Why I'll visit again? (and I am not talking about my usual day trip to do some shopping - I mean really going back to visit more places). Easy. Because I loved the towns, the lake, the "feeling" of everything and you know how important "a feeling" of a place is to me. I simply loved the energy there!

Next time, I'll do more walking. Much more walking.
Around the city of Como, for instance. Not just the shopping parts, if you know what I mean :-)
I want to walk to the lighthouse on the top of the hill in Brunate (from the stop of the cog railway).
I want to hike from Varenna to Bellano (and some other hikes highlighted in my guide book).
I want to find out what the western/northern part of the lake looks like. Around Domaso/Gravedona where all the surfers go to.
I want to take a road trip around the lake (in particular the western part).
I want to visit the southern part of the lake (Lecco).
See? Still a lot of stuff to do. Lago di Como definitely stays on my travel bucket list!

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