Saturday, July 29, 2017

First Impressions of my Greek Trip

I've been to Greece like what? 3 days? Feels like at least one week! I've seen and done so much already. 

Athens was as beautiful, majestic and chaotic as I remembered from my last trip (some 10 years or so ago. No, wait, more like 15, now that I think of it...)
Walking the streets of Athens made me think of this last trip. Back then I was taking Greek lessons and I was starting to master the ABC (well, the Greek equivalent, obviously haha). I remember walking the streets and reading the signs like a first grader. Oh man, was I proud of my skills. I had no idea what exactly I was reading BUT I WAS reading!! Hilarious! 
I never got past reading and writing the single letters though. I stopped the classes because... I can't remember. Not worth the effort or something like that I'm afraid. Well, anyway, kalimera from Greece!

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