Monday, July 31, 2017

The Colors of Greece

I have fallen for the blue and white feeling of Greece! 

Saturday, July 29, 2017

First Impressions of my Greek Trip

I've been to Greece like what? 3 days? Feels like at least one week! I've seen and done so much already. 

Athens was as beautiful, majestic and chaotic as I remembered from my last trip (some 10 years or so ago. No, wait, more like 15, now that I think of it...)
Walking the streets of Athens made me think of this last trip. Back then I was taking Greek lessons and I was starting to master the ABC (well, the Greek equivalent, obviously haha). I remember walking the streets and reading the signs like a first grader. Oh man, was I proud of my skills. I had no idea what exactly I was reading BUT I WAS reading!! Hilarious! 
I never got past reading and writing the single letters though. I stopped the classes because... I can't remember. Not worth the effort or something like that I'm afraid. Well, anyway, kalimera from Greece!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Travel Plans for this Summer

Summer 2017 is going to be different from my usual summers. Usually my summers mean having time for myself. Summer 2017 is more about going out a lot and about traveling (unusual for me as I prefer to do my traveling in low season). But then, different is good. Different is what I seek. Different is what keeps me going.

Money-wise, the two months after my trip to Costa Rica and Mexico City were hard. I even had to refuse a trip to Isola d'Elba with some friends because of my (empty) bank account. I didn't mind much because my trip to Central America had been so wonderful and I didn't mind living on memories for some time!
In June though things turned better (money-wise, I mean) and by the end of June I was off to Italy on my annual "I love to spend some days at the beach doing nothing" trip. Then came the trip to Lake Como. And at the end of July, I will be off to Greece for about 10 days.
To Greece during high-season? You may think that I am going totally crazy.
Well, you might be right (can you already hear me complaining about the hordes of tourists?? hahaha I totally can!) It's just that a friend of mine is getting married in Crete at the beginning of August and well, I couldn't just go to Crete for the weekend of the marriage? Right? I had to make a 10 days trip out of it. Right? Absolutely right!

I will visit Athens (I have been there twice but can't wait to see everything again), then take the ferry to Milos (so many islands to choose from). As there is no direct ferry from Milos to Heraklion (Crete), I will have a stop-over in Santorini (couple of hours in the afternoon) and take the evening ferry to Heraklion. One day in Heraklion to visit the museum (my hotel has a wonderful view of the harbor!) and then off to Chania (by bus) where the wedding will take place. I will have enough time to visit Chania and its environs. It's gonna be a lot of fun as I know much of the people attending the marriage and we already have some stuff organized. I'll tell you more about everything in due course, promised!

A wonderful trip and now that I have found the perfect dress for the wedding? I am ready to take off!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Lago di Como: Why I'll Visit Again

Why I'll visit again? (and I am not talking about my usual day trip to do some shopping - I mean really going back to visit more places). Easy. Because I loved the towns, the lake, the "feeling" of everything and you know how important "a feeling" of a place is to me. I simply loved the energy there!

Next time, I'll do more walking. Much more walking.
Around the city of Como, for instance. Not just the shopping parts, if you know what I mean :-)
I want to walk to the lighthouse on the top of the hill in Brunate (from the stop of the cog railway).
I want to hike from Varenna to Bellano (and some other hikes highlighted in my guide book).
I want to find out what the western/northern part of the lake looks like. Around Domaso/Gravedona where all the surfers go to.
I want to take a road trip around the lake (in particular the western part).
I want to visit the southern part of the lake (Lecco).
See? Still a lot of stuff to do. Lago di Como definitely stays on my travel bucket list!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Lake Como: Varenna

I had put Varenna on my list of places to visit on Lake Como because I had read articles from many different travel bloggers who had visited and had loved the place. I decided to trust their judgement and to see for myself.
I am glad I did!
A wonderful place (much better than Bellagio for instance ... much much better, at least in my opinion). It was kind of crowded without feeling too overcrowded though. You just have to walk away from the harbor and its restaurants and bars to find some cute and silent corners.
And next time, I will allow some extra time to hike from Varenna to Bellano on a hiking trail with a wonderful view of the lake! See? I'll be back!

Well, anyway, I loved the place seen from the ferry...

I loved the town itself...

Last but not least, I absolutely adored the place I had lunch in (a place I will never ever forget). The food was amazing but the view??? Judge for yourselves...

I love it when the mountains turn blue... When I look at this I wish I had some (any) talent in painting. Because I would totally paint these blue mountains!!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Lake Como: Villa Carlotta (Tremezzo)

This was the first stop of the boat tour. Villa Carlotta and its gardens are definitely worth a trip in my opinion and I am glad the guy at the hotel reception pointed this place out to me (it wasn't on my list)!

The view

One part of the gardens (this is where tourists enter the place)

The art

Sunday, July 9, 2017

On the Road Again: Como and Lake Como

This summer will be a summer of travel :-) What's new, you're asking and, yeah well, you'd be right!
I just got back from a short trip to Como and Lake Como. What a wonderful trip!
I usually go to Como on a Saturday just to go to the mercato and to do some shopping in regular shops. I usually arrive in the morning (by train) and leave the same day.
This time I wanted to do some shopping but I mostly wanted to really visit the place and also to go on a boat trip along the lake.
Magic places, let me tell you. The city of Como is cute and is per se worth a trip. But then the little towns around the lake? Oh my. Wonderful.
There are all kinds of boats / ferries you can take to go from one town to the other. I had to make a joice for this first visit but I already know that I will have to go back because I haven't seen everything I want to see!
This is the city of Como seen from Brunate - a little town you can reach by funicolare (cog railway).

Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Happy summer everybody!

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Life is Full of Stories

I love to write (and I sure love that YOU love to read!). I love writing these posts here on my blog and from time to time I even write short stories just for the pleasure of writing them. I am a good story teller (at least my nephews and my nice believe so hahaha). I think of stories when I do people-watching. I look at them and wonder what's her / his story? Where does she come from? Where is he headed to? And my mind comes up with a wonderful story :-)
Our world is full of stories.
Every single person is a story.
Obviously, songs are short stories as well. I listen to a song and my mind thinks of a story. Like a glimpse of another world, of other feelings. (Same goes for a book!)
Don't get me wrong here. I am the most down to earth person you may know. My life is now. I enjoy the now and I love to deal with whatever life has ready for me next. But maybe it's because I am this down to earth kind of person that I love to read, to listen to songs and to get lost in another world.
It's like a break from life. A super short vacation of some sort.

I was thinking these thoughts while traveling to Italy last week. I was sitting in the train, listening to my music and got lost in the world of my actual favorite song.
Then suddenly another thought came up.
Now that I am studying music, I could (in a very far future, that is for sure) try to write a song myself. Mmmm. Intriguing. Not feasible right now (for obvious reasons as I started my flute lessons only 2 months ago) but should I therefore discard the idea instantly? Yes? No? What to do?

I decided to stick to my usual MO (Modus Operandi). I keep the idea with me for the moment. If it's still here in 6 months (or more) and I can't stop thinking about it?
Mmmm, as I said. Intriguing. And so full of possibilities...