Friday, June 16, 2017

Learning to Play the Flute

I am learning to play the flute, hence I am learning something that is totally new to me. Totally new. If I had chosen to take Spanish lessons, my life would have been so much easier because I could have picked from existing knowledge and go from there. Playing the flute though? No existing knowledge to help me out.
What's so new about playing the flute, you wonder?

-I (re)learn how to breath. Yoga classes are big on breathing but the flute playing breathing is different because I have to actually produce a regular sound - no cheating! hahaha

-My fingers learn new movements. Covering the holes of the flute? Sounds easy, right? Think again. The first couple of times I had cramps but now I am doing pretty good (I am still at C, D, E, G, F, ergo I have yet to play with both hands!)

-I learn how to read music. (In my opinion, no logic there! None whatsoever. But who am I to judge?)

-I learn how to follow the 4/4 or the 3/4 rythm. Hearing the difference in the first place? Oh my...

-And please, don't get me started on about where to put my tongue inside of my cheeks. The total nightmare hahaha

Imagine this almost 50 year old brain of mine putting all this together? Hilarious!
Nevertheless, I am not really complaining. On the contrary. Playing music makes me feel good. Really good. I practice daily (my landlady is a very patient lady!) and I already play some easy short songs. It's so cool. So cool.
Not every practice is easy-peasy, obviously. I have hit a wall many times so far. When that happens, I feel frustrated, complain out loud ... and put the flute away. I've learned that some days my flute and I are no good together. I start again the next day and usually it is a better day!
(The hardest challenge might be to learn to be patient ... my life's recurring topic, I'm afraid SMILE)

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