Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Force of Habit

Like everybody's life, mine is full of habits. I walk to the train station taking the same path. Take up the same yoga mat in my favorite corner of the yoga room. Etc. I love my habits. I love it that I can count on them. They soothe me.
From time to time though I dare my brain to experience new stimuli.
I do stuff like re-organizing my kitchen. I put my drinking glasses in the cupboard where the soup plates were. The dinner plates go on top, the small plates in the back. Or vice versa. My forks are put in another drawer, and the rice in the cupboard where the glasses were. And so on.

Have you ever tried to do this? You should. It's hilarious!
The first couple of days in my what feels like a new kitchen (and even a couple of weeks later - depending on how tired I am), I, for example, open the cupboard in the morning looking for my coffee mug and stare at soup plates. I'd love to see my own face in that moment. When it says: what the f...??? Where are my mugs??? Until my brain catches up and I start to laugh.

Habits are not bad per se. As I am learning to play the flute, I make it a habit to practice every day. It only gets tricky when my habits take over. I might be doing something out of habit and if I were honest with myself, I'd have gotten rid of it some time ago. The challenge is to keep what I call "the conscious habits" and to get rid of the others! Easily said. Not so easy to implement.
But then that would imply that life is easy and we all know that it's not (at least not always).

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