Saturday, May 6, 2017

Remembering: Tortuguero National Park, Costa Rica

My three days at Tortuguero National Park, on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica, were the best days of my trip. It was the best place ever and even now, having been back for a month, I think back to this place and ... feel happy!
Tortuguero can't be reached by car. We got to the resort by boat (there is also a small airport). You can't wander around by yourself either within the National Park. Well, there is no wandering around the jungle anyway! It's way too dangerous. The jungle consists of marshland and the animals (pumas, caymans, etc.) are not harmless obviously!
So, no walking around.
We visited the place by boat. I found the below picture on Pinterest to show you what the place looks like from above (makes it easier to get a feeling of the place):

far left on picture: Caribbean Sea // in the middle the water ways and the jungle
Our resort was on the land between the Sea and the water/river (like most of the few resorts are). The rest consists of jungle. A pure jungle with one of the world's highest biodiversities (or so I was told).
So, here I was. Staying in a place with no cars, no AC, Wifi only in the reception area, no TV.
And not one second, I swear it, NOT ONE SECOND, I missed these things.
This place simply took me in. Completely. I felt at home. Whole. Zen. Happy.
I went to bed early and got up with the first light (the howls of the howler monkeys were my alarm clock haha). I felt complete. As if I had somehow arrived. Not that I want to move there. No (even though, one of the employees suggested it hihihihi). It was spiritual. As if its pure energy filled my soul. Oh my, let me stop talking about this place. I get all lyrical SMILE.
Fact is though that I left a piece of my heart there!

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