Monday, May 1, 2017

Remembering: Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica

Let's do some more remembering, shall we? Let me think back to Manuel Antonio National Park on the Pacific side of Costa Rica.
I had been warned. Manuel Antonio would be more touristy than the other places I'd visit. And they were right. The tourists though never got on my nerves. Well, okay, maybe by then I was so totally relaxed and feeling zen that not even hordes of tourists were able to get to me. Because, you know, by then I really was totally relaxed and happy (you could see my heart smiling)!
The tourists may not have gotten on my nerves also because most of them were at Manuel Antonio with one goal: to go to one of the two beaches (apparently the most beautiful beaches of Costa Rica!). So, there were many people within the park but most of them were wearing flip-flops and weren't interested in nature and the animals (mutual ignoring while crossing on the paths hahaha).
I booked a guided tour and the guy was crazy  knowledgeable! We got to see some animals and I was happy!
The beaches are wonderful though, don't you think so?

I loved the three days I spent in Manuel Antonio. I took daily walks on this other beach...

... ate out in nice little restaurants (the food was just amazingly good and fresh!!). Drank liters of "agua de sand├Ča" (watermelon water - DELICIOUS!!). I worked on my tan at the swimming pool of my hotel, did some reading, listened to music. And then there were the sunsets. Oh my, I absolutely adored the sunsets. I sat down on the beach at around 5 pm, waiting for the sun to go down (by 6 it was dark!).

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